Visa File Guidance

After the completion of the documentation process, one needs to go through the process of Visa application. It is not easy to get through the Visa application process. Singh foundation is always there to assist you with visa file preparation to application form filling. Either you want to go abroad for studies or any of the other reason. You need to experience the process of Visa file preparation. We have a highly professional and dedicated team to work with you on visa file preparation. You need not chaos in worry. Singh foundation can offer you relaxing experience as we have enough past experience to deal with such kind of cases. Our team of experts will provide you with the proper checklist. You just need to mark and gather all documents. Rest is our responsibility. We will make this complicated process more easy and convenient to handle.


We are aware of the procedure and visa regulations of different countries result in the fast and synchronized visa filing process. Each country has its own procedure to file a visa application. We are aware of all the factors that are required from arranging visa documents to the preparation of the file. This process seems to be very complicated. But Singh Foundation will make this process simple and easy to follow up. Our team will guide you throughout the study abroad student visa process.


There are a number of countries in the world and different type of visa evolved in all countries:

  • If we talk about US visa i.e. known F-1 visa that allows the student to take admission among any of the well-renowned university. Then you have to fill the Form I-20 and wait until university accepts it. At last visa filling and fee, the deposit process is there.
  • For a UK visa, you need to qualify the points-based process. You are eligible to apply for the UK visa with 40 points only.
  • For Australian visa, all is based on your decision to choose the course. It must be applied 12 weeks before the orientation time.
  • The Canadian visa is known as a study permit visa which requires lots of documents.
    ** Eligible test score is required for all the countries.

Singh Foundation counselor takes responsibility to handle all visa process on their own and will be there by side throughout the process. Don’t hesitate; connect with us today to make your dream come true.