Benefits of Studying in Singapore

Singapore is a country where diverse cultures exist-Malaysia, India, European & Chinese. In Singapore everyone likes to prefer English language which will never feel you out of place. In fact, you would love to learn new culture and as well as a new language. The climate of Singapore is very good for sports lover. It remains little warm and sunny throughout the year.

To gain Tropical Island experience you should try these activities like wake-boarding, dragon-boat racing and windsurfing. Study in Singapore is comparatively lower than other developed countries. There are more than 16 leading universities opened in Singapore. Students studying in Singapore get the best opportunity to boost their career in Singapore

Scholarships in Singapore

Before studying in Singapore you should know about the scholarships provided by the universities. Following are discussed some of the scholarships:

1. ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships: – Student should belong to any ASEAN country. This scholarship is available at National Universities of Singapore. This scholarship covers your tuition fees and also gives you the annual living allowance of S$5,800.

2. Dr Goh Keng Swee Scholarship: – This scholarship is available for 15 Asia Pacific countries. You should be under graduate from any local UNI in Singapore. This scholarship covers your tuition fees.

3. Science & Technology Undergraduate: – If you are looking to study in Singapore with a scholarship then you can go with this scholarship. It is basically for students from Asia. This scholarship will cover your tuition fees, annual living expense of S$6,000 and also settling in award of S$200.

Combine Work & Study in Singapore

If you are a foreigner student then you need to obtain permission to be allowed to work as well as study in Singapore.
Here are some options which will help you in combine work and study in Singapore:-

1. You can apply for work holiday program. This program is administered by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower and your age should be between 17 and 30.

2. If you are planning to stay in Singapore for more than 6 months than you should go for Singapore-Registered Student. You will be allowed to work part time during term time and full time during school holidays.

3. Another option is to find a job and study. Before applying for a job you should get an approval by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Fast Growing Career in Singapore

Singapore is a best place to study and build a successful career. Singapore consists of top universities. The best place to study IT in Singapore is Nanyang technological University. It is known for its good ranking. Singapore has minimal crimes rates. So, it is a safe place for students to live and study there.

Top Colleges in Singapore

Study in Singapore gives you many options like scholarship, work while studying, safe and secure environment, moderate climate best universities and colleges for students.

Top 5 colleges in Singapore

1. National University of Singapore.
2. Singapore Management University.
3. LA SALLE College of the Arts.
4. Nanyang Technological University.
5. German Institute of Science & Technology- TUM Asia.

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